Believing is Seeing

October 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

green flowersThe old saying is seeing is believing. I love sayings because many are rooted in truth, or at least the truth of the times, making it an interesting study of people. But as we all know, the only constant in life is change. Times have definitely changed. We are in 2011. Wow hard to believe sometimes. 

According to trusty wikipedia, “Seeing is believing is an idiom first recorded in this form in 1639 that means “only physical or concrete evidence is convincing”.

Now that people are more open and presumably ready to see the “whole truth” I think it’s time we switched this idiom on its head.

Seeing is Believing  Believing is seeing.

We had to blind ourselves to some truths because the world is full of stimuli and our body and mind would not be able to function if we were constantly bombarded with and processing all the incoming information. Dialing down our awareness allowed us to live as human beings in the three-dimensional world.

The downside is we have shut down our connection to various aspects of this world and of ourselves. It’s time to once again expand our awareness and know who we really are. We are co-creators. We are not trapped, bobbing along in the sea of change, hopeless and helpless. NO – that’s just a belief to keep people in fear, easily controlled! Don’t let other people’s beliefs blind you to your own truth. 

This blog is for positive thought and a vision of a wondrous magical fun world! Join us.


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