Wave or Particle? Potential or Fixed?

October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Time dilation spacetime diagram06

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The observed is influenced by the observer. Whether light behaves like a particle or a wave is dependent on the observer. The observation collapses it into a particle, a fixed point.

I find that tremendously interesting. We are influenced by the environment as much as we are by what’s within. We are after all energetic beings, not solid impenetrable and isolated. We don’t simply end at our fingertips. 

The potential exists for different behaviours and outcomes. It’s not pre-determined. It’s a wave of potentiality, a wide spectrum of possibility.

We are both the observed and observer so I wonder how our belief systems would shape the manifestation of this potential.

In the experiments it was shown that timing of the observation made no difference. it’s as if time didn’t matter, that the observation could magically shift the outcome in a non linear fashion. Of course the time-space continuum as we know it only works in the three dimensional world, within the confines of how our mind can process this truth. Beyond this dimension, these “rules” are out the window.

So perhaps as we focus on past intersections, the event (the fixed point) can be shifted. If we step out of linearity, of what our mind tells us is reality.  

On the same line of thought, then, wouldn’t judgment collapse our potential by locking us into a space that we trap ourselves into?

I feel that the heart is the key. To unlocking the layers between time. To unshackle our mind from this dualistic version of reality, and to step outside of time as we know it. Joy can reignite the potential and transforms our fixations into manifestations of heart-centred realization of the self.


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