Lego – Building Blocks of a Dream

October 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

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Lego was the most awesome toy.

It was an idea, a universe of possibility built from one piece of plastic with such exact measurements that every piece fitted perfectly with another. 

When we were young, we had this huge blue container of legos. In a pile, the pieces were just jumbled together, different colours, different lengths, figures in the mix. Looking for the “right” piece was always a treasure hunt, digging deep into the box, pulling out a surprise each time. But always feeling the familiar round bumps.

Sometimes we would group all the same pieces first, each of us looking for different types to save time. Silently focused on our own task, working towards a mutual goal. A natural cooperative.

We would build and re-build. Cities. Houses. Castles. Planes. It was limitless.

In lego land, it wasn’t all legos though. Often we would build sets for Barbie and Ken, and other dolls and toys. We would fashion their dream house out of pieces of bricks that had the potential to be anything, to fulfill any vision. Whatever mood we were in. Whatever we saw suited for the toys that day.

Occasionally we would boost our treasure trove with new sets. Maybe star wars. Or a medieval theme. I remember how excited when we first added different figures to our world – a policeman, a star wars storm trooper, their headgear fitting nicely onto the bump at the top of the head. Perfect.

lego diagram

Lego came from the danish words leg godt, meaning “play well”. And we did. In the spirit of creation, we shared the pieces and together we became  architects of a reality which existed only in our basement, maybe for an afternoon, sometimes for weeks. A reality that we built without much of a plan, organically evolving to its natural end. 


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