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The Jetsons

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The Jetsons has got to be one of the best cartoons for those of us growing up in the 70s/80s.

A family living in the future (21st century actually), with the coolest gadgets. Flying around in a little space pod with a glass top or with jetpacks. Living high in the sky but not in a highrise, every family in a dome-shaped home, like balls in the sky. And there are the cool tubes that whoosh people out to different places. With Rosie, the robot maid, and Astro the dog to complete the future’s family.

I can’t really remember all the episodes, or even any in specific. I remember the theme song. I remember how cool it was to be flying around in the sky and among the stars.

Everything was crisp, clear, uncluttered, and streamlined but yet still interesting and colourful. Everyone had a cool hairstyle and snazzy outfits. It was a cartoon so different from anything at that time. A sci-fi cartoon.

I love the Jetsons because it was so imaginative and fun. It built a bridge to the future for many kids, dreaming of being astronauts and exploring space. In the 1970s there were a lot of shows about the new frontier of space. It was completely new, having just landed on the moon not too many years beforehand. It stoked the fires of the imagination, in the young and the old. Anything seemed possible and it’s good to remember that anything is possible. Some of the very gadgets that the Jetsons featured are a reality now. The spirit of innovation is part of the thirst and curiosity of humanity. We do always want to know why and how. Pushing the barrier between the unknown and known has always been part of our understanding of the world and of ourselves.

As a little girl I always dreamed of the future, and about all the possibilities, a short 1/2 hour out of everyday life, connecting beyond time and space and into the infinite.


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