Being a Visionary

October 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

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Apple just doesn’t sell products. It sells a lifestyle, a vision. And I’m sure everyone is now writing about the loss of a human being amongst us in Steve Jobs. I didn’t know him but I know about his journey (vicariously) and his words (maybe) and definitely about Apple, which through his marketing genius, has become a “must have”, with a cultish status.

Apple Mac has been in my life for over 20 years. Since my days of interning at an architecture firm, Macs has been my choice of computering. Being in the finance field, though, I had to contend with PCs. It seems being in the corporate world, you have to compromise in more than one way. But the dream nourishes us and reconnects us to our spirit, to who we are. I think that may be the biggest lesson of the life of Steve Jobs. To know who we are and go for it. Be the visionary of yourself, the creator of your own destiny.

A visionary sees into the future, but lives in the present, bridging time-space potential by harnessing creativity energies. An alchemist who transforms the present moment, fearless of how different it can be. When we step outside the box, the field is wide open and can be disconcerting at first. So much freedom. So much possibility. And so much responsibility.

Once you find your bearings in the new landscape, that’s when the fun starts. There are no rules. No precedents. No restrictions. Anything – A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. – is possible.

By putting our focus on something, that’s where we direct the energy and that’s where the energy goes. By dreaming, we raise our frequency to curiosity, an innocence and wonderment that link us to our creative powers.

When we believe we can do anything we can see these “miracles” happening all around us. It’s like literally having the strands of creation between your hands, moulding, re-forming, exploring, experimenting..We are playing outside of time.  

How do you envision your life? How do you want to create your reality? What story do you want to star in?


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