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Dreaming, whether during the day or deep in your sleep, is a wonderful way to bypass your left brain and the ego. We generally live life by logic, even with emotions, we often reason with them.

Fantasy is living your reality in another time-space. Dreams and hopes fuel our journey on our path. They are the melody to the song of life. We can be grandiose with no guilt or shame. We can re-write everything about our lives and ourselves. In the dreamworld, magic is normal and we can create anything we desire. We can change with ease. 

In the everyday world we call reality, we live by rules, in a world built on logic and the left brain. Once we have our identity, many work to keep it consistent. But we are energetic beings, changeable and so we should free ourselves from the box and just be.

Daydreaming allows us to step outside that box for short periods of time during the day. Sometimes the life we have built (based on what we were told was “right”) can be mundane, especially if constructed from the beliefs of others, and yours. Daydreaming reconnects us to our desires. The duality in the world highlights to us what we desire and through dreaming, we can magnetize what we wish to have to ourselves. It raises our vibrations and frequency since we are relaxed, we are in a state of be-ing, not trying.

The more we daydream and dream, the more we are living closer to our desires. As they say, practice makes perfect. So the more we dream, the less we worry about putting ourselves first, for a change. We exercise our imagination and learn to stretch it beyond the limits of the left brain. What we are doing also is the re-balancing of both sides of the brain, thereby creating new connections and pathways, opening up new abilities, pushing the frontiers. Ever more eager to experience. It is a wonderful thing to have a fertile imagination and to have a dreamscape to bring to life all of our creations. The excitement really ramps up when we start seeing synchronicity and “miracles” in our lives. 


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