Light and Breath

October 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Light going through a Prism

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Life and light. The sun’s light makes life possible on our planet, as well as the earth herself. Even though light isn’t all visible to us, we are affected by it and we are submerged in it. We are bathed in this life-giving force. We are energetic beings and we use light energy in ways that we are not always conscious of. We harness this energy through our chakra systems. We usually speak of seven chakras but in fact, there are many more, including those in our palms, on the bottom of our feet, and above our ears. 

The life-force energy is known as many names, such as prana, chi, and qi, and moves around our body. We also move this energy by proper breathing. Deep, belly breathing, from the diaphragm, like how babies breathe, moves the air, life-force, and coded energy throughout our body. The breath nourishes all the cells and awakens us. With each exhale we let go and with each inhale we energize our body. Letting go ensures that we do not continue to accumulate, which creates blockages. Holding on is not be-ing.

There is only love and fear and everything else is shades of one or the other. When we let go, we allow love to grow. Breathing in the light opens up a space for us to create. For us to see the possibilities. Breathing relaxes the body, lets go of any tensions that come from not being in a place of love. The choice is ours and everyday I choose joy. I choose to dream. And dream big. Dreams nourish the garden of my soul. 


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