Flying Dreams

October 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Everyone has recurring dreams.

Dreams that return seem to bring a message, a harbinger of things to come. Floating in a familiar narrative, bobbing toward the same inevitable ending, until we unravel its mystery.

The best dreams to me are the ones I’m flying. I often soar through the air in unlikely places, such as a massive shopping mall. Flying through the central column, and swinging from banner to banner, in a shaft of golden light. Orbs of liquid yellow sapphires bouncing off my skin as I move effortlessly through the air. Rainbow colours streaming through the mall, in a festive and carefree way.

For years, I flew through malls in my dreams, finding freedom through flight when I closed my eyes, when I wasn’t bound to my physical body. I no longer dream of such dreams, at least not flying in enclosed spaces, in glass houses. I do not know what or how but I must have deciphered its meaning or at least let go of whatever I was holding on in my waking hours.  Through meditation I now soar through the sky and beyond, playing among the stars, hearing the cosmic hum that we hear deep inside. The pulse of the universe that also beats within each of us. 


merry go round


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