Childhood Games

October 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

The best games are free and imaginative, the days before atari and nintendo and now iphone and ipad. The childhood games we played of dress up, marbles, hide-and-seek, tag..making castles and spaceships out of a cardboard box. Just running around, chasing each other, in the park, hiding behind trees would make up hours or fun, pure exhilaration of running and being free. There was an excitement in chasing and being chased, not knowing how the tide of the game would turn as we spin on our heels, laughing uncontrollably as if invisible hands were tickling us.  No rules. No restrictions, only the code of fun.

Sometimes when the weather turned, we would be cooped up inside, bringing out our box of legos or we would make up all sorts of scenarios, involving doctors, nurses, or playing house. Different variations, depending on who joined in. We would fashion all we need with the basement furniture and with the toys we had. Or we would draw out whatever we needed to complete our new world.

As children, we learned to re-create a world we called our own, but one often modeled after what we saw and what we thought we understood. Our imagination was far richer and more flexible. We would do elaborate bows as we met each other as princes and kings. Then we get tired and try on new games and new roles. There were no rules, no restrictions, only possibilities.


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