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We all dream. We may not always remember the journeys we take while we slumber. The hints of where we fly to through the night sky into the cosmos do remain and turn up in our waking hours. Sometimes we glimpse this as we distract ourselves with our daily tasks, only to awaken to a sense of something far beyond what our hands and minds may be preoccupied with.

Taking note of the signposts will lead us down our road to where dreams come true. Seeing coincidences not as such, but synchronicities, signs that we are where we are meant to be. There are no shoulds and definitely no should haves, no musts, no fast rules of how it’s done. Each path winds around different milestones and different challenges. Sense where we are with our heart, not judge with our egos.

What are your dreams? Where do you wish to soar? How does heaven on earth look to you?

Remember there is no vision that is too idealistic or utopian – these are judgments and labels used by fearful and skeptical men. Cast your net of desires far and wide and know that if sung from the truest heart desires shall imprison no one but set us all free.


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