The Truth Hidden in Shadows

October 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

When Shadows Attack

Image by RavenFire via Flickr

Remember shadow puppets?

When we were children, whenever there was a shiny light on a wall, we always created wonderful shadow play with our hands. Dogs barking. Ducks. Horses. Some simple and others complex. But it was all just fun, even if by ourselves. Often we played with friends, trying to outdo each other in the elaborate designs our hands, just our two hands, can make. But still it was all in good fun as we discovered ways to twist and entwine our hands in loops and configurations to see where our imagination took us.

Storytelling is an ancient and lost art of communications. Hidden inside stories are not only morals but creation tales that hold the grains of truth of our past. As humans, we long to hear of the past and we long for the connection through a heart-felt and engaging telling of what has come to pass and what may yet come. It’s not surprising that peoples around the world use puppets, seemingly innocent, to tell stories, even those which disparage what evils and what control exist in their lives. The intricate interplay of characters mask the underlying ancient traditions that survive in the face of organized religion and governance, a reminder that our spirit is as free as the shadows and our souls full of wisdom.

Indonesian Hand Puppets

Image by Swamibu via Flickr


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