Choose Positivity

October 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thinking positively and focusing on your vision manifests your desires on all levels. The Law of Attraction.

Thinking positively doesn’t mean that you are denying that less savoury things and people do exist in the world and it’s not always rainbows and cotton candy in that world.

What it does mean is denying its access to your life. It means changing your thought patterns from thinking that every time you step off the curb you will be hit by a crazy taxi to thinking that it won’t to not thinking about it at all. It doesn’t mean denying that crazy taxi drivers exist worldwide and to just blindly step into traffic.

There are worlds within worlds. Choose the one you wish to live in. 

And believe that you are exactly where you are meant to, in the flow of life.

In the bigger picture, we are always exactly where we need to be, to learn our lessons, to experience life, even if we don’t believe we are in the flow, even if we are fighting against it. It only means that when we fight and root our feet into the ground, refusing to budge, the lessons will build and build until we give them credence and actually distill what we need.

Even if you don’t believe positivity will get you anywhere, my view is why bother wallowing in negativity when you could just be happy, and still get the “same” results you think you are going to get anyway. What harm is it to give it a try?  Invite positive vibes into your life and see where that takes you. It certainly cannot be worse, right? It can only get better.


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