January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

A new year always feels like a new beginning, a new start… (even though technically following Mother Nature, the new year begins with the spring). Are you starting with a “clean slate” with new year resolutions?  

I don’t have any per se as I’m always dreaming up new projects, some of which even get energized into the material plane. To me, dreaming up “impossibilities” and putting them into the collective for others to manifest is a whole lot of fun. If I had one resolution, it’s just to have more fun (and who doesn’t want to have more and more fun?!) which I think covers about everything I want to do – write more (blogs, articles, FB updates, tweets), create more (music, art, designs…), take up EVEN more projects (harp lessons looks like a go!), and playing with new gadgets (cool beans!)… For me it’s not about bigger, louder, sassier (ok maybe sassier), but being kick ass awesome! Because that’s what I am, and that’s what you, and you, and you are!

So while goals are great, like dreams, let’s make sure they are our own, and not someone else’s. We are well into the new millennium and living for someone else and being a martyr is so last millennium! Dream and dream BIG!

Be YOU, rainbows and all


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