April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

I have been dreaming a lot lately, of a new reality. 

Great change is at hand for me now and I want to create a more beautiful landscape, from love.  A world previously thought not possible but as we all now know, nothing is impossible.  Just in the word “impossible” resides two very important words – I’m possible.  Isn’t that wonderful?

What are you dreaming into existence? A new love – a project, travel, creation, companion?


::dream:: (Photo credit: Krysthopher Woods)

Sometimes our dreams are so lucid that the difference between the waking and creating states is imperceptible. The dreamworld is no more less real than this reality we spend our waking hours. While we slumber, we let go of our limits and know no bounds or “impossibilities”. We allow ourselves to go where our heart desires, without fear. This includes visiting other physical locations, realms, and dimensions. We reconnect with all the parts we may have blocked out of 3D existence.

Dreaming is not only during sleep. We can daydream. Even a moment of connection is enough to spark the most brilliant of inspirations.

Dream on


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