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April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

LOVE – what is it? 

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Interestingly according to David R Hawkins and his Map of the Scale of Consciousness, Love is the second great barrier to spiritual growth.  

The first is courage, which is the point at which we switch from harmful and destructive behaviours to constructive and integrous.  Approximately 78% of the world calibrates below this level.

Even the amazing minds of our history like Einstein, Freud, and Aristotle would measure around 499.  I guess the point is they were great thinkers.

This isn’t the love most of us know in our relationships, or that projected by society.  That love can turn to hate when withdrawn or threatened. Hate does not stem from love, but pride, as David Hawkins reminds us.  The 500 Level Love from the map is “unconditional, unchanging, and permanent”.

Love is a state of being…. Love emanates from the heart. It has the capacity to lift others and accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive. – Power vs Force by David R Hawkins

At this stage of our spiritual path, we are no longer of the mind, and ego. The details. We see forests, and stars, and planets. There is no process to knowing but an instantaneous understanding. It sees the whole, not dualities. There is no separation, no barrier to another. The shift is from form, linearity, and “seeing is believing” to formless, nonlinear, and “believing is seeing”.

People profess undying and true love in today’s world but most come from a place of incompleteness, looking for “their other half”. Love is only given based on conditions, even if not unconsciously known and can be withdrawn any time.  People look to others to fulfill what is missing in their life and that is the grave responsibility given in the name of love, but in all the disguises and masks we refuse to remove.

True love comes from totality, not partiality. It doesn’t fluctuate and is never used as a weapon or in power play.

Love is the second great barrier.  Only 0.4% calibrates in the 500 zone, though I believe that we can all tap into this, even if momentarily.  

With unconditional love, we can move into joy, peace, and enlightenment. At these levels, there is true compassion, synchronicity, transcendence, and God-consciousness, where expression is of love and divinity. 


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§ 2 Responses to Love :: Doorway to God-Consciousness

  • Ferdinand Morvay says:

    A good thing you write of it too! Because it’s nice to know there are a fair few people about who are interested! If we were in a café, I would high-five you “Yes!”

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