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girl on swing

photo by olejnik (123RF Stock Photo)

Remembering swings?
At the end of my street, there is a playground. With a slide and swings…in a sandbox. I walk by it everyday when I walk my dogs and always look at the swings. I see more adults on those swings more than kids, probably because there is no safety harnesses for the little ones. 

There is this guy I see quite regularly on the swing. With his backpack and runners, it appears he walks by the playground and spends part of his day on the swing. He just hops off and continues on his walk.

I see these two girls sometime, chatting away, whispering in each other’s ears, laughing and then moves into her own reverie, swinging higher and higher. 

It’s been a while since I sat in a swing. I remember being in a park, a long time ago, with my grandfather. He was pushing me higher and higher, but not too high. I was and still am scared of heights. That is probably my last memory of him before his passing.

I look at those swings after day and I wonder what it would feel like to leave the ground, and for a moment, fly into the air. One day, I will certainly find the time and the courage to find out. I look forward to connecting with the joy of freedom, physically and most definitely through the release of my fear of height. 

How lovely it would be to just let go, and play once again.


Love :: Doorway to God-Consciousness

April 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

LOVE – what is it? 

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interestingly according to David R Hawkins and his Map of the Scale of Consciousness, Love is the second great barrier to spiritual growth.  

The first is courage, which is the point at which we switch from harmful and destructive behaviours to constructive and integrous.  Approximately 78% of the world calibrates below this level.

Even the amazing minds of our history like Einstein, Freud, and Aristotle would measure around 499.  I guess the point is they were great thinkers.

This isn’t the love most of us know in our relationships, or that projected by society.  That love can turn to hate when withdrawn or threatened. Hate does not stem from love, but pride, as David Hawkins reminds us.  The 500 Level Love from the map is “unconditional, unchanging, and permanent”.

Love is a state of being…. Love emanates from the heart. It has the capacity to lift others and accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive. – Power vs Force by David R Hawkins

At this stage of our spiritual path, we are no longer of the mind, and ego. The details. We see forests, and stars, and planets. There is no process to knowing but an instantaneous understanding. It sees the whole, not dualities. There is no separation, no barrier to another. The shift is from form, linearity, and “seeing is believing” to formless, nonlinear, and “believing is seeing”.

People profess undying and true love in today’s world but most come from a place of incompleteness, looking for “their other half”. Love is only given based on conditions, even if not unconsciously known and can be withdrawn any time.  People look to others to fulfill what is missing in their life and that is the grave responsibility given in the name of love, but in all the disguises and masks we refuse to remove.

True love comes from totality, not partiality. It doesn’t fluctuate and is never used as a weapon or in power play.

Love is the second great barrier.  Only 0.4% calibrates in the 500 zone, though I believe that we can all tap into this, even if momentarily.  

With unconditional love, we can move into joy, peace, and enlightenment. At these levels, there is true compassion, synchronicity, transcendence, and God-consciousness, where expression is of love and divinity. 


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I have been dreaming a lot lately, of a new reality. 

Great change is at hand for me now and I want to create a more beautiful landscape, from love.  A world previously thought not possible but as we all now know, nothing is impossible.  Just in the word “impossible” resides two very important words – I’m possible.  Isn’t that wonderful?

What are you dreaming into existence? A new love – a project, travel, creation, companion?


::dream:: (Photo credit: Krysthopher Woods)

Sometimes our dreams are so lucid that the difference between the waking and creating states is imperceptible. The dreamworld is no more less real than this reality we spend our waking hours. While we slumber, we let go of our limits and know no bounds or “impossibilities”. We allow ourselves to go where our heart desires, without fear. This includes visiting other physical locations, realms, and dimensions. We reconnect with all the parts we may have blocked out of 3D existence.

Dreaming is not only during sleep. We can daydream. Even a moment of connection is enough to spark the most brilliant of inspirations.

Dream on

L.O.V.E. Day

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It’s that time of the year….Valentine’s Day.

But every day is LOVE day. Love is not defined by any one thing or by any one idea. It’s beautiful and intangible, like the soft rolling fog on a dewy morning where the veils are lifted and you can perceive all worlds at once.

Though the words describing love may be ephemeral, how it feels in your body is eternal. Some deny it when it seemingly flees but it’s never gone.

However you decide to celebrate this day officially dedicated to love, let’s remember that love is for everyone and for every day. Being YOU is being the love that you have to offer the world.

Love is for everyone


Beautiful Art Prints

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Looking for beautiful (and affordable) prints?

I recently fell in love with this site I found – Mammoth and Company, an artist-run company from Victoria BC. The artwork comes from artists worldwide and if you are an artist, you can submit your work for sale. The collection is amazing and just SO beautiful!

I’m still browsing and I think lots of people will be getting gifts this year from this site.

Check out Mammoth & Company!



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A new year always feels like a new beginning, a new start… (even though technically following Mother Nature, the new year begins with the spring). Are you starting with a “clean slate” with new year resolutions?  

I don’t have any per se as I’m always dreaming up new projects, some of which even get energized into the material plane. To me, dreaming up “impossibilities” and putting them into the collective for others to manifest is a whole lot of fun. If I had one resolution, it’s just to have more fun (and who doesn’t want to have more and more fun?!) which I think covers about everything I want to do – write more (blogs, articles, FB updates, tweets), create more (music, art, designs…), take up EVEN more projects (harp lessons looks like a go!), and playing with new gadgets (cool beans!)… For me it’s not about bigger, louder, sassier (ok maybe sassier), but being kick ass awesome! Because that’s what I am, and that’s what you, and you, and you are!

So while goals are great, like dreams, let’s make sure they are our own, and not someone else’s. We are well into the new millennium and living for someone else and being a martyr is so last millennium! Dream and dream BIG!

Be YOU, rainbows and all

Focus on the Solutions

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Focus on the Solutions. See how you want to see the world. It’s a more positive way and more powerful. We are all vibrational and we attract to our reality what we think and feel.

So why focus on the problems and just gather energy and momentum of the things that are disturbing and in discord with what you want in life? Awareness is important and I believe that people need to know the impact of their actions and what injustices are going on around them and beyond but there are different ways to bring awareness. I believe in focusing on the positives, on how you want to see, rather than the atrocities. It’s a fine line when writing and talking about it. But if all of us walked around, with visions of love, then there would be no need to write and talk about animal welfare, poverty, politics, etc…

What is your vision?

  • “There is no use trying; one can't believe impossible things." Alice

    "I dare say you haven't had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Queen