Vibrational Reality

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What’s in your vibrations?

Your vibrational reality is the truth, perhaps yet to be manifested, densed down into the reality that people do see. 

Have you aligned your physical 5-sense reality with your amazing vibrational reality?

Our life creation is up to us. We attract to us what we vibrate. Sometimes it’s not so obvious what frequencies we are sitting at. But let’s take a look at the people and events you bring into life. Are they what you want to see in your life?

Self-empowerment is being in alignment of who you are. Once we are in alignment we attract all the amazing people and events. It sounds easy right? It can be! Start today! Be empowered and act from a place of who you are truthfully. 


The Ride of Life

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Does it matter what the meaning of life is? Does it matter to the majority of people living on this beautiful blue green planet?

The meaning of life – the million dollar question (or the billion dollar question, with inflation – okay that’s a little sarcastic and cynical, even if true – so scratch it).

To experience the physicality of being human? To be in this sensory sentience? To anchor love? To have fun? To create?

I’m not sure but more and more I’m leaning towards all of these positive experiences. Expand. Align. Expand. Align. To have fun creating. To be. Be love. Be free. Choose what we want in our lives. What matters is the now. The moment of now. The nowness of now is all these possibilities. And we have the choice to change anything and everything. Wonderment. Believe anything and everything is possible! How deliciously fun is that?!

Brain Games

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Animation of an MRI brain scan, starting at th...

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Simplicity is the key. Everything is really simple but for some reason it gets complicated. It’s almost like only drama makes something important and worthy of our attention. It’s not true. Simplicity is beautiful. In today’s fast-paced world, it takes wisdom to distill the essence, the beauty in everything. I don’t need to derive some complex meaning to get the gold star of smart or intellectual. The left-brain has dominated for far too long. I believe the time is now for the integration of the right-brain, for balance. To explore new connections and pathways to tap into parts of our brain we have ignored, deemed too impossible, out of the realm of logic. We can’t see electricity but we know it exists so let’s exploring th world beyond our five senses!

Choose Positivity

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Thinking positively and focusing on your vision manifests your desires on all levels. The Law of Attraction.

Thinking positively doesn’t mean that you are denying that less savoury things and people do exist in the world and it’s not always rainbows and cotton candy in that world.

What it does mean is denying its access to your life. It means changing your thought patterns from thinking that every time you step off the curb you will be hit by a crazy taxi to thinking that it won’t to not thinking about it at all. It doesn’t mean denying that crazy taxi drivers exist worldwide and to just blindly step into traffic.

There are worlds within worlds. Choose the one you wish to live in. 

And believe that you are exactly where you are meant to, in the flow of life.

In the bigger picture, we are always exactly where we need to be, to learn our lessons, to experience life, even if we don’t believe we are in the flow, even if we are fighting against it. It only means that when we fight and root our feet into the ground, refusing to budge, the lessons will build and build until we give them credence and actually distill what we need.

Even if you don’t believe positivity will get you anywhere, my view is why bother wallowing in negativity when you could just be happy, and still get the “same” results you think you are going to get anyway. What harm is it to give it a try?  Invite positive vibes into your life and see where that takes you. It certainly cannot be worse, right? It can only get better.

The Truth Hidden in Shadows

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When Shadows Attack

Image by RavenFire via Flickr

Remember shadow puppets?

When we were children, whenever there was a shiny light on a wall, we always created wonderful shadow play with our hands. Dogs barking. Ducks. Horses. Some simple and others complex. But it was all just fun, even if by ourselves. Often we played with friends, trying to outdo each other in the elaborate designs our hands, just our two hands, can make. But still it was all in good fun as we discovered ways to twist and entwine our hands in loops and configurations to see where our imagination took us.

Storytelling is an ancient and lost art of communications. Hidden inside stories are not only morals but creation tales that hold the grains of truth of our past. As humans, we long to hear of the past and we long for the connection through a heart-felt and engaging telling of what has come to pass and what may yet come. It’s not surprising that peoples around the world use puppets, seemingly innocent, to tell stories, even those which disparage what evils and what control exist in their lives. The intricate interplay of characters mask the underlying ancient traditions that survive in the face of organized religion and governance, a reminder that our spirit is as free as the shadows and our souls full of wisdom.

Indonesian Hand Puppets

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We all dream. We may not always remember the journeys we take while we slumber. The hints of where we fly to through the night sky into the cosmos do remain and turn up in our waking hours. Sometimes we glimpse this as we distract ourselves with our daily tasks, only to awaken to a sense of something far beyond what our hands and minds may be preoccupied with.

Taking note of the signposts will lead us down our road to where dreams come true. Seeing coincidences not as such, but synchronicities, signs that we are where we are meant to be. There are no shoulds and definitely no should haves, no musts, no fast rules of how it’s done. Each path winds around different milestones and different challenges. Sense where we are with our heart, not judge with our egos.

What are your dreams? Where do you wish to soar? How does heaven on earth look to you?

Remember there is no vision that is too idealistic or utopian – these are judgments and labels used by fearful and skeptical men. Cast your net of desires far and wide and know that if sung from the truest heart desires shall imprison no one but set us all free.

Childhood Games

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The best games are free and imaginative, the days before atari and nintendo and now iphone and ipad. The childhood games we played of dress up, marbles, hide-and-seek, tag..making castles and spaceships out of a cardboard box. Just running around, chasing each other, in the park, hiding behind trees would make up hours or fun, pure exhilaration of running and being free. There was an excitement in chasing and being chased, not knowing how the tide of the game would turn as we spin on our heels, laughing uncontrollably as if invisible hands were tickling us.  No rules. No restrictions, only the code of fun.

Sometimes when the weather turned, we would be cooped up inside, bringing out our box of legos or we would make up all sorts of scenarios, involving doctors, nurses, or playing house. Different variations, depending on who joined in. We would fashion all we need with the basement furniture and with the toys we had. Or we would draw out whatever we needed to complete our new world.

As children, we learned to re-create a world we called our own, but one often modeled after what we saw and what we thought we understood. Our imagination was far richer and more flexible. We would do elaborate bows as we met each other as princes and kings. Then we get tired and try on new games and new roles. There were no rules, no restrictions, only possibilities.

  • “There is no use trying; one can't believe impossible things." Alice

    "I dare say you haven't had much practice. When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” -Queen